Exel offers a wide range of poles for Nordic walking, trekking, cross-country skiing and alpine skiing. All poles in the different segments are designed and developed for beginners to top athletes.

History of EXEL

The EXEL brand was founded in 1960 by three chemists. The name EXEL is derived from the origin of the company: Explosive Electronics. Composite products were introduced in 1970 and the production of cross-country ski poles began in 1973.

Only 3 years later came the big breakthrough: 70% of the medals at the Innsbruck Olympics were won with our lightweight carbon fiber poles. Since then we have been one of the leading Finnish sporting goods manufacturers. In 1993, we launched our first floorball sticks. Soon the sport and equipment began to develop at a rapid pace.

Since 1970


Summer Poles

The all-new EXEL Trekking collection is here! Our brand new Trekking Poles offer numerous technologies such as the anti-shock system and the easily adjustable Trek grip, made for active Nordic Walkers and beginners. Our Nordic Walking collection offers numerous product innovations, such as the patented Curve pole technology and accessories designed specifically for Nordic Walking.


Winter Poles

Exel was the first to introduce carbon technology to the ski pole industry! The breakthrough in ski pole technology came at the 1976 Innsbruck Olympics, where 100% of the top skiers used Exel carbon poles. In both cross-country and alpine skiing, poles are offered for the world's elite athletes, for all young talents and for beginners.